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As Ranch Hands we are keenly aware of their responsibilities as world citizens and we do our best to reflect that ethos in the products we create.

In 2013 we moved all of our manufacturing to Los Angeles in an effort to minimize our environmental impact and to be closer to the source of where our creations are born. Our goal is to promote conscious business practices throughout our entire supply and distribution network. 

The Ranch is committed to the following areas of business

  • We foster honesty, objectivity and fairness in all dealings and promote a culture rich in diversity that is based on trust, respect, honesty, teamwork, and integrity.

  • We practice transparent management and commercial relations to deal fairly and respectfully with the customers and business partners we work with.
  • We respect and value the environment and do not knowingly damage or pollute natural resources. 
  • We use organic fabrics whenever possible.  

  • We sponsor and encourage better environmental practices and the application of responsible methods of production.
  • Employees are provided safe, healthy, state of the art facilities, affordable health care and are treated with respect and dignity.

Fair Trade:

  • Promotes transparent trading partnerships that are based on honesty, mutual respect and open lines of communication.

  • Ensures that the price paid for products is fair and reflects the work put into their production. 

  • Fair Trade also enables production which is socially just and environmentally sound.

  • Provides fair pay to the workers and takes into account the principle of equal pay for equal work by both women and men.

  • Ensures that workers have the right to organize.

  • Ensures that national health, safety, and wage laws are enforced and that products are environmentally sustainable and conserve natural resources.


When Fair Trade is done right it has a positive impact on the wider community, entire families, individual workers, and overall helps provide a better future for everyone involved.


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